Cataract Surgery


Cataract Surgery is the most common surgical procedure performed, it involves the removal of the cataractous lens and replacement with an artificial lens. At Mentone Eye, the cost of your cataract surgery will be entirely covered by you health fund. Prior to surgery your eyes are assessed with multiple modalities to optimize your visual outcome

Dr Chesney performs microincisional surgery through a wound slightly over 2 millimetres in size. The surgery is performed under an Operating microscope, utilising Ultrasound to breakup and remove the cataract.​


Freedom from Spectacles

Utilising the latest in Multifocal Artificial Lens technology or Blended/Mono Vision , many patients are able to be free of spectacles for both near and distance vision.




Surgery is performed at Holmesglen Private Hospital 490 South Rd Moorabbin.

Holmesglen Private Hospital has state of the art facilities and caring, knowledgeable staff, to optimize your surgical outcome.